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Frisky Gammon!

Lone Stag Frisky Gammonn is perfect for a leisurely Sunday lunch or a Boxing Day Festive Feast.

This is a firm family favourite at the Rectory. Great for a lazy Sunday lunch.



  • Preheat oven to

  • Slice up the apples and lay on baking sheet

  • Pop gammon on top of the apples

  • Smother the top of the gammon with a big dollop of Frisky Marmalade

  • Season with pepper and a sprinkle of Salt (we love Halen Môn Sea Salt)

  • Bake for 2 hours

  • Take out of oven, cut off rind and score the meat

  • Spread meat with Frisky Marmalade, sprinkle with muscavado sugar, salt and pepper

  • Pop back in the oven for

Dish up with:

  • The remainder of Frisky Marmalade and pour over meat before serving

  • Buttered mash and green beans


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