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Top 10 House Moving Gifts and the Meaning Behind Them

We all know the stress and frustration of what moving house brings.

After the ups and downs, twists and turns of finance and legal shenanigans we finally get the keys to our new abode.

Nothing brings more joy and pleasure than receiving a thoughtful gift to mark the occasion of the new adventure ahead.

  1. Candle - that light will guide you through the darkest times

  2. Bread - that this house may never know hunger

  3. Spirits - that joy and prosperity may reign forever

  4. Olive Oil - that you are bless with health and well being

  5. Chocolates - that you will enjoy sweetness of life

  6. Salt - that life may always have flavour

  7. Broom - may your home always be clean and ward off bad spirits

  8. Wood - may your home have stability, harmony and peace

  9. Coin - may you receive luck and good fortune

  10. Balm & Wash - useful after emptying all those boxes!

You can find many of the above items in our Sloane Housewarming Hamper

Are you thinking of moving?

Here are some recommended estate agents:


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