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An all year round scent with an exotic and enduring an alluring intoxicating elixir of soft oriental flowers. A hedonistic infusion of magnolias, pink pepper, sandalwood with a touch of warming vanilla.


  • Top note: white oriental flowers and orange blossom
  • Heart note: magnolia, vanilla and honey
  • Base note:  sandalwood, balsam and myrrh

Oriental Garden Lone Stag Room Spray

  • Our room spray comes in a 125ml bottle.

    Sloane air and fabric freshener room spray is a little wonder. A quick spray and you are away! The latest in odour eliminating technology aqua mist and fabric freshener in our gorgeous uplifting fragrances, we love them! Simply spritz just before guests arrive. It’s also ideal for those those doggie beds, boot rooms or wherever that sports kit lands. Freshens the air and fabrics with our delightful uplifting scents. Great on its own or scent layering with other Sloane products. 

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