Sloane Home Introduces a Brand-New Lone Stag Spirit

New Lone Stag Premium Vodka

Sloane Home is once again displaying its artisan spirits expertise through the launch of the much-anticipated Lone Stag Premium Vodka. Maintaining the Lone Stag prerogative to produce distinctive spirits of exceptional quality. The Lone Stag Premium Vodka is a pure grain triple distilled premium vodka, clean and smooth on the palate.

The beauty of this vodka is the superior characteristics of its ingredients, containing zero additives or added sugar, revealing the exquisite taste of a Lone Stag Spirit. Sloane Home takes pride in ensuring products perfectly complement each other and encourages vodka lovers to add their own signature, by crowning the premium vodka with their favourite Lone Stag Fruit Infusion.

In keeping with the traditionally elegant appearance of Sloane Home, the Lone Stag Premium Vodka comes in a strikingly elegant glass bottle. Using traditional methods, the Lone Stag Premium Vodka is bottled, labelled and dipped in black wax by hand for a unique finish. Driven by its passion to the creation of authentic and sustainable artisan handmade spirits, Sloane Home has ensured each bottle is reusable and all soused fruits are made into Frisky Fruits and their fine luxury Chocolate Truffles, therefore pioneering to minimise its impact on the environment.

The Lone Stag Premium Vodka is presented in a 200ml bottle with a rrp of £19.50 and 500ml bottle with a rrp of £32.00

Distribution is currently online via the Sloane Home Website https://www.sloanehome.co.uk.

For more information please contact Amy Battrick at amy.sloanehome@gmail.com.