It is true what they say – great things really do come in small packages!

Today I’d like to talk to you about our little bottles of joy! Our Lone Stag Mini Spirits.

“Why the small bottle?” I hear you ask. Well, let me explain…

I’ve been making Lone Stag Spirits at my home in South Wales for many years. What started as a little sideline; selling my family recipes to the mums at the school gates has developed into full-time business and we sell our spirits around the world and to some of the UK’s most prestigious retailers and organisations. We’ve won GREAT TASTE AWARDS awards too!!!

What started with one flavour (Lone Stag Zesty Vodka infusion) has now developed into four fruit infused spirits. With the addition of my Gin infusions (Raspberry, Black and Cherry) to the family, there are so many flavours to choose from. So the question on everyone’s lips is – “Which shall I choose?”.

This is a very good question which of course I will always answer with the response “ALL OF THEM!”. See I am very proud of my creations and want as many people to try then and establish their favourite tipple.

Hence the MINI SPIRIT.

It’s a great way of tasting our family of flavours without investing in a big bottle straight away.

Each Mini Spirit comes with a cocktail recipe card with lots of tried and tested (we had fun testing!!) inspiration for creating the perfect cocktail.

Mini Spirits contain 40ml of our fruity infused spirit. That’s your Friday night sorted, right there in one little bottle or a tipple each if you share with a friend. All for just £8.75 or £4.37 each if you want to be precise.

That’s a mighty reasonable yummy cocktail.

So, my friends. I invite you to try. To taste. To enjoy. To choose your favourite. Start planning your Christmas tipples in advance.

I just know you’ll love them. I’m so confident that I am offering a 10% discount on a big bottle of spirit if you decide to ‘supersize’ once you’ve tasted these little bottles of joy.

Bottoms up!

Love Leanne xxx