Lone Stag Merry Cherry Hamper


Enjoy the merry mix of our Cherry flavours!

Your taste buds will thank you when you indulge in our Merry Cherry Hamper. With our Handmade Lone Stag Cherry gin infusion, our most recent Great Taste award winner 2020. Using this wonderful infusion, we make our red cherry and black pepper truffles which pair beautifully, also a Great Taste award winner (2018).

In addition, this hamper comes with our Seasonal Hamper, which make the hamper complete. Hand poured in the traditional method infused with our up lifting scents. Mineral wax with added beeswax is blended with our fragrances, hand poured, labelled and beautifully packaged.

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Included in your Merry Cherry hamper is:

40ml mini bottle of Lone Stag Cherry Spirit

4 Award winning Lone Stag Cherry Gin Truffles

A seasonal candle, our large hand poured candle has a 40 hour burn time. Be sure to keep away from drafts, protect your surface and trim your wick 5mm before each use.

Lone Stag truffle tasting notes.

Sloane cocktail recipe card.

Sloane gift card.

All presented in a beautiful hamper box.