Frisky Marmalade Treats


Box of 8 Award winning Zesty Truffles

A mini bottle of Lone Stag Zesty with flip tip 40ml

226 gms Frisky Marmalade

Boxed in a Sloane box wrapped in tissue

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Lone Stag Zesty cocktail recipe card



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This little box of treats will perk you up!

A pot of clementine frisky marmalade, with hand cut zest from our award winning Lone Stag Zesty, its mighty delich on hot buttery toast! included is a box of our award winning vodka truffles, 4 white chocolate truffles laced with zesty vodka and rolled in coconut, its so exotic! also4 Zesty vodka laced truffles in a dark chocolate shell, elegant and refined. Also a mini Zesty Spirit, add oodles of ice and top up with elderflower press and fresh mint, divine. All comes wrapped in black tissue, nestled in shred and boxed. A gift card is included for your personal message.