Try a cheeky Lone Stag Zesty Cocktail tonight!

You all know how proud we are of out 2016 Great Taste Award winning Zesty our  a mouth-watering citrusy mélange of clementine, lemon & lime.  Made at home in our kitchen in tiny batches, we cut the zest very thinly and slowly infused it into the very best quality Vodka over several months. Would you believe each batch is  stirred daily creating Zesty’s unique flavour?

Zesty Cocktail Ideas

We all love Zesty straight or served over crushed ice but as a special treat for you all we’ve come up with some fantastic Zesty cocktail ideas.  From the delicate and aromatic to the hot and fiery we have it here for you. Enjoy!!

Lone Stag Zesty Cocktail list

How do you drink yours?

If you have a wonderful way to serve your Zesty contact us and we’ll enter you into a prize draw!


Keep it Surreal

This is delicate and insanely divine! A shot of Zesty over ice topped up with elderflower pressé and a sprig of fresh mint.

Lady Mary in the Wood Shed

Hot and fiery, a shot of Zesty over crushed ice, topped up with ginger and a sprig of rosemary.

Fumble in the Concrete Jungle 

Shot of Zesty over copious ice, topped up with mint & cucumber pressé and a slice of cucumber.

Here’s Leanne doing what she does best!

Let’s get Sloaned 

A shot of Zesty over ice, topped up with lemonade, a squeeze of fresh lemon and an orange curl.

Skinny Dip

Lime the rim of the glass, over ice, a shot of Zesty topped up with tonic, in goes the fresh lime!

Do the Fandango

Tango with your mango sorbet. Add fresh raspberries, drizzle over some Zesty & top with finely chopped Basil.

Lone Stag Zesty Great Taste Awards

For more information about Zesty go to our Lone Stag Spirits page or contact us.