Sloane Home expands its feminine touch

It’s no secret that Sloane Home has great taste, winning numerous awards as a quintessential British luxury lifestyle brand, but the real secret to the Sloane Home brand is the smell of success in an all-woman workforce and the advantages it brings with it. Sloane Home believes that when it comes to accomplishing goals and building solid workplace relationships, the feminine touch is always an advantage.

Sloane Home would like to introduce the talented individuals that help grow the business forward using their diverse range of skills, bringing not only passion, but intelligence and positivity to the work place.


Corie Tapnel

Corie’s role with Sloane Home is Graphic Designer, Corie is in charge of visual communication and problem solving, through the use of typography, photography and illustration. Corrie has a fabulous creative flair which is a supreme asset and her work is significantly original and influential.

Corie’s favourite Sloane Home Product is the ‘Rose Garden’ hand balm, the balm’s fragrance is graceful and harmonious with a dark sensual edge, and the notes elicits sweet memories of her grandmothers rose garden.

A Highlight for Corie throughout her Sloane Home experience has been the ability to work in collaboration on creative ideas for the brand and its products. For Corie seeing her designs come to life has been joyous and inspiring.

In Corie’s spare time she enjoys building structures by bringing her architectural designs to life, she also has a keen eye for canvas painting, her favourite subject being nature and landscapes.

Nicola Baker 

Nicola is Sloane Home’s fabulous House Manager, Nicola is in charge of many elements and is an imperative member of the team, giving huge strength to all. She is truly at the heart of this company, always on hand with good advice, Nicola’s favourite job however is comparing the delicious Gins, Vodkas and Fizz Cocktails.

A Highlight for Nicola is that every day is different at Sloane Home Headquarters, there is never a dull moment and she always leaves on a high. Due to the inclusive nature of the fabulous work environment every day is pure pleasure.

Nicola is a true believer of eco friendly products and Sloane Home is definitely leading the way!

Kimberly Williams

Kim’s specific job description is Hamper fulfilment and operations within Sloane Home, however Kim holds many more imperative positions within the business, she is the glue, tying up all loose ends and is a huge strength within the business. Kim is an asset with her attention to detail and handles every order with care and pressision.

Kim really struggled to pick a favourite product from the Sloane home range as she truly loves them all, however the ‘Lady Grey’ candles, with its pretty and sophisticated fragrance wins Kim’s heart every time. The scent embodies a timeless femininity which Kim adores, and she will also find solace in the ‘Lady Grey’ bath salts in order to indulge and relax.

A highlight for Kim throughout her time working for Sloane Home is watching the brand grow, from something very small and in a kitchen, to something that is now available all over the country and hopefully one day internationally.

Something people may not know about Kim is that she served 8 years in the Canadian Military in 1998, she also undertook a tour of Bosnia.

Laura Thomas

Laura’s job within the Sloane Home brand is head of compliance, Laura has oversight across all aspects of the business, she ensures that the business is conducting in full compliance with all laws and regulations and that Sloane Home maintains high professional standards.

Laura’s favourite product within the Sloane Home collection is the ‘Garden of Eden’ candle. The decadent and delicious fragrance inspires and evokes memories of a wooded forest for Laura, allowing her to escape to an oasis in her own home. She also adores the ‘Topiary Garden’ Bath Salts as the fragrance is bold and spirited which helps her to relax in the bath with a Lone Stag Gin and Tonic.

A highlight for Laura since working with the Sloane Home Brand was seeing the whole range of Sloane Home and Lone Stage product in the Cardiff Castle shop. She was so proud of all the hard work dedicated to the product and to see it so beautifully presented was really a euphoric experience.

Something people may not know about Laura is that she uses to be a neurophysiologist at Great Almond Street Hospital.

Stacy Gooding

Stacy’s role within Sloane Home is Office Manager, her strong organisational and administrative skills are invaluable to the success and running of the company. Stacy explains that her favourite thing about working for Sloane Home is the variety within the Job and the products it creates.

Stacy’s favourite Sloane Home Product is the Lone Stag Welsh Oak Smoked Sea salted Caramel truffles, Stacy enjoys pairing the truffles with the Lone Stag Black, an indulgent infusion of black currents, gin and Columbian coffee, roasted in the black mountains of wales.

Stacy’s highlight is a project she is currently working on, alongside the rest of the team for Sloane Home, it is something truly amazing and she is so excited to be launching this summer. However, Stacy is sworn to secrecy on this exhilarating new venture and can only reveal that it will be worth the wait.

Something people may not know about Stacy is that she currently represents Wales on the Woman’s Welsh National Squash Team. Stacy is a fantastic player and has tremendous support from her Sloane Home family.