It’s time to get serious with your Gin and Tonic…


We have put together the best guide to making your perfect G and T. It involves a little bit of prep but if you are at loose end during the day – why not? Pop the highball glass in the freezer, just for half an hour before it’s time and get going…


It is generally accepted that the ratio is key to mastering the G and T… one part gin to two parts tonic water. If after some serious searching, you cant find something to measure, an egg cup will do!


Taking your gin, put 1 egg cup (approx 40-50ml) into a chilled highball glass. The best gin is known to be a London Dry (funnily enough what we make!) Add slowly with tonic water, we suggest fentinman’s, but whatever you choose, make sure it matches well with your type of Gin.


Thats the simple bit – now here come the extra bits to perfect it…

riMore Ice!

The more ice you have – enough to fill the glass – makes the initial taste more pleasant. This is helped by chilling the glass at first and also prevents the gin from being watered down too much.


Now for some elbow grease – get stirring!

The gin and tonic must be well mixed to get a clean taste throughout the drink.


With all your effort – a little garnish makes all the difference.

For our London Dry Gin, we suggest a simple lime peel. It is full of essential oils and adds a lovely flavour to your drink. This is best if it is squeezed over your drink and then dropped into your G and T.







Finally, give it a good inhale as you take your sips and enjoy all your hard work!