It is a scientific fact that our sense of smell is closely linked with memory. Fragrances evoke particular memories; the scent of an orchard in blossom conjuring up recollections of a childhood picnic or freshly cut grass evoking summer evenings. This is what drove our desire to develop our range of room fragrances. Relaxing and uplifting scents designed to fill your home, layer upon layer to evoke memories, help you unwind and enrich your life.

Inspired by our love of country life, family, homes and gardens, our home fragrance is designed to work in layers, using different methods infused with beautiful aromas with odour eating properties. Hand poured candles for atmosphere and scent in draft free zones. Gorgeous room diffusers to softly fragrance your beautiful home. Fragrant room spray to give that extra boost of scent when you need it.


Inspired by our love of country life
Sloane candles are made by hand using a traditional method which artisans have been using for generations. Mineral wax with added beeswax is blended with our fragrances, hand poured, labelled and beautifully packaged.

Sloane fragrances are inspired by our love of country life, family, homes and gardens.

Each candle has a 40 hour burn time. Be sure to keep away from drafts, protect your surface and trim your wick 5mm before each use.


Softly fragrance your beautiful home
Created by hand in our workshop. Gorgeous sticks of joy to softly fragrance your beautiful home.  Position in a safe position near a draft or thoroughfare to fill your home with delicious scent. Joy sticks will last between 4-5 months and include 8 sticks displayed in a 100ml black glass bottle. Available in our four signature fragrances.


Freshens the air and fabrics
Sloane air and fabric room fragrance spray are a little wonder! A quick spray and you are away! The latest in odour eliminating technology aqua mist and fabric freshener in our gorgeous uplifting fragrances. We love them!

Simply spritz just before guests arrive. It’s also ideal for those doggie beds, boot rooms or wherever that sports kit lands. Freshens the air and fabrics with our delightful uplifting scents. Great on its own or scent layering with other Sloane products.

Compliment your home fragrance

with our matching our bath & body range