Sloane Home Fragrances

Inspired by my love of family, home and gardens.


                           The Topiary Garden                               

Bold and spirited an inspiring uplifting modern day classic.

Fragrance notes                             unisex – green – fresh    

Lively bergamot, blackcurrant, birch, evergreen yew leading to oak moss and ambergris.

Inspired by

From chaos comes order, this is a nod to my horse trading days, wonderful colourful characters and lessons learnt.


   The Rose Garden

Graceful and harmonious with a dark sensual edge.

Fragrance notes             female – floral – resinus

An intoxicating elixir of powdery rose with a decadent smoky hit of oud brings a modern twist and lavish depth.

Inspired by

One for my angels, my lovely grandmother’s, one who loved her roses, one who loved life’s little luxuries, both who loved me.


                             The Oriental Garden                              

Exotic and enduring, an alluring, intoxicating elixir.

Fragrance Notes        female – oriental – floral

A hedonistic infusion oriental flowers, pink pepper, sandalwood and precious oriental spices with a touch of vanilla.

Inspired by

A touch of the sublime, a reminder of my days in Japan, poor in pocket rich in wonderment.


      The Garden of Eden

Decadent and delicious, sacred and ancient a precious delight.

Fragrance Notes        unisex – green – fruity

Fresh and exotic creamy fig, green leaves, wood bark sandalwood and musk.

Inspired by

A welcome sight, summer at home, The Rectory wall an abundant fig tree our own Garden of Eden, our oasis.


 The City House

Sparking and lively like the bright lights of the city

Fragrance Notes       unisex – citrus – white flowers

Zingy, uplifting and sophisticated aromatic blend of bergamot, neroli, white flowers, lemon, lime, lavender and amber

Inspired by

My little sis who worked on our city developments – out of the dark dust comes the light, pass us the sledgehammer..


The Country House

Stately and gracious, big blousy blooms from the cottage garden.

Fragrance Notes      female – floral 

An elegant, feminine floral with peonies, stocks, tea rose, Jasmine and musk.

Inspired by

The beautiful Georgian country house I used to pass on the school bus, my mother and her sisters attended school here.


  The Boat House

Fresh and wild an exhilarating symphony as resonant as the ocean

Fragrance Notes        unisex – green – aquatic

An invigorating aquatic infusion of marine botanicals, bergamot and ambergris and petit grain.

Inspired by

The old sea dog – my father, and his love of sailing.  


The Beach House

Balmy summer solace, wanderlust finds a home on the sand.

Fragrance Notes   unisex – coconut – citrus

Tropical bliss with uplifting zesty lime, bergamot and coconut summer bliss

Inspired by

My penniless meanderings, footloose adventures, when you don’t know what to do… Travel.


The Castle   

Ancient and majestic. Everyone’s home is their castle.

Fragrance Notes      unisex – woody – herbal

Welsh oak and cedar tree aromatic fresh and woody.

Inspired by

Inspired by the “Hwyl” (excitement and spirit) my love of the land our ancient history and preservation of our Welsh heritage.


The Hedgerow

Foraging for natures gifts along our wild enchanted hedgerows.

Fragrance notes        Unisex – fresh – herby

Bramble walks amongst the blackberries foxgloves and wild mint.

      Inspired by

Hazy late summer blackberry picking childhood days on our family farm.


 Lady Grey

Pretty and sophisticated embodies timeless femininity.

Fragrance notes        female – citrus – aquatic

Classical and elegant soft watery notes of black tea, bergamot, orange and lemon zest, beeswax and cedar

Inspired by

My darling sister who loves Lady Grey tea and goes by the same name.


                                          The Gun Room                                              

Cigar smoke and leather reminiscent of the joyous excess of bygone era

Fragrance notes          Unisex

Cigar and oak smoke, gun shot, leather and Lone Stag Spirit

Inspired by

My husband who definitely enjoys the bon viveur! 


Nostalgic scents that envelope the home in the build-up and beyond

the yuletide Christmas crazy the epitome of heart-warming winter wonderment, elation and joy   


Ancient and evergreen wild grouse moors and ancient forests

Fragrance notes       Unisex green fresh

The noble and ancient Scots pine, heather, moss and wood smoke

Inspired by

The enlivening scent of the arrival of the festive tree, the evocative fragrance of the Christmas evergreen entertained harmoniously with a hint of wood smoke from the open fire


Christmas Spirit

Enchanting and festive a timeless classic full of yuletide nostalgia.

Fragrance notes  unisex 

The welcoming traditional aroma of orange clementine and frankincense and heart-warming vanilla.

Inspired by

My boys, who fill my heart with joy every day, they are my rip roaring, Tigger bouncing, spirit of Christmas.


                                         Winter Season                                          

Joyful and heart-warming beguile spirit and soul.

Fragrance notes       unisex candles

Precious spices clove, cinnamon and nutmeg cedar wood and winter berries.

Inspired by

The well-known “heavy on the spice” notes used in our Christmas cake, the mulled wine and the open fire mixed with a good dollop Noddy’s Holders playlist.


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