Big news! After months of perfecting the recipe we can finally launch our brand new Lone Stag Spirit, Lone Stag Black.

Just in time for the winter and especially lovely for Christmas, Black has deliciously intense flavours of Gin and organic blackcurrants infused with Colombian coffee beans & roasted over Welsh Oak.

lone Stag black gift hamper


At the great taste awards last year when I was collecting our award for Zesty, I met a wonderful chap called Mungo, who had won a great taste award for his Black Mountain Roast small batch coffee which was ethically sourced around the world and brought back to Wales to be roasted in The Black Mountains. He told me all about his fair trade coffee and at the end of the awards  asked if we could swap products. I swapped my Gin and vodka infusions for his coffee. I love it when that happens, when I meet producers and we chat and swap creations. When I tried the coffee, I absolutely adored it and thought about how I could use it in my infusions. Blackcurrants came to mind, so I tried it out with some organic black currents from a farm in Herefordshire.

After a few months of tweaking and testing it out, as usual on my friends and family, I was finally happy and wow, what a punchy combo! I think you will find it lipsmacking! It’s so rich and decadent with an incredible smokey caffeine hit.. Pow!

Sadly, I found out recently that Mungo passed away, so this is one for him, I only met him for a short time but thought he was incredibly charming.

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Lone Stag Black