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Sloane Home Lone Stag

The meaning of our mark The Lone Stag

In Celtic mythology the stag is a sign of good things to come.  The stag sign has high ideals and aspirations, not deterred from their vision, they are noble, not that they feel entitled, far from it, they believe in righteous hard work and their integrity is their trademark.

The Lone Stag antlers break into branches that form a shape of a heart, the heart of the home, Sloane Home.

Why the name Sloane Home?

When I started this epic journey, I studied various age old crafts, I met some super cool, super creative, talented folk, one of the first of these courses was an upholstery course. After moving house, I found a amusing book in one of the packing boxes called “The Sloane Ranger Handbook”. It was about the Sloanie rahs of the 80’s and their lifestyle habits, in one section, there was a bit about how the Sloane’s never threw out their furniture, having been in the family for generations, well made and classic in design, they recovered it and passed it down to the next generation, at that time I was on my creative mission, I was buying antique furniture searching for fabrics, leather and suede, and reupholstering it giving it a new lease of life, with a mind, to pass my furniture to my boys.. So I thought Yep, i thought, that sounds very quintessentially British I think I will call my new business Sloane Home, and what’s more it rhymed!..

Lone Stag Spirits

I make Lone Stag Spirits in my kitchen, drawing inspiration from an old family Gin infusion recipe recipe which has been passed down from my Mother’s side of the family. Traditionally, it was made at the end of the summer to be ready for Christmas. Lone Stag Zesty, Lone Stag Black and Lone Stag Red Cherry & Black pepper, are my own creations.  I have had a wonderful time creating the Lone Stag boutique spirits, not to mention the fun developing the cocktails! We’ve recently been awarded two Great Taste Awards for Lone Stag Spirit and Lone Stag Zesty.

Our Product Range

Inspired by the journey that brought me here, my love of family and home, my appreciation of quintessential British country life. Thoughtfully created products, using old school crafts and techniques.  Exquisite treats and gifts include our Lone Stag Spirits, Sloane candles, Great Taste award winning Lone Stag Truffles, Frisky Fruit Chefs accompaniments, Lone Stag Hand Wash, Body Balm and Dead Sea Bath Salts.

The Best of British

We are a British luxury lifestyle brand, that embraces the essence of the little pleasures in life, just a little something, made by hand beautifully, with thought and care, we think it’s important to support small artisans and protect our rare crafts because we believe, perfection can only be achieved in its own time. We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients and age old methods, we are proud to say we are zero waste, and even our wooden hamper boxes are made by hand in the UK, we hope that anyone who receives a Sloane hamper box brimming with our Lone Stag treats agrees that that they enrich the soul and enliven the spirit.

Leanne preparing fruit for her Great Taste Award 2016 Vodka
Leanne preparing fruit for her Great Taste Award 2016 Vodka


Great Taste Award 2018 winning Lone Stag Chocolate Truffles, laced with our Lone Stag Spirits.

Lone Stag Coconut Zesty vodka truffles. Dreamy and exotic clementine lemon and lime vodka infusion, intertwined with white chocolate, encased in white chocolate, enshrouded in coconut.

What the Judges said.. Lone Stag Zesty truffles – Pretty round white truffles rolled in coconut. Just to prove that good things come in small packages, these truffles manage to pack a lot of flavour from the crisp outer casing right through to the truffle filling with its unusual vodka infusion. So much taste but well balanced – a sophisticated grown-up sweetmeat

Lone Stag Red and Black Pepper Gin truffles, Red cherries infused with Tellicherry black pepper, a dark chocolate case with a velvety cherry ganache centre, leading to a warm peppery finish dusted with an exquisite fine pale pink lustre.

What the Judges said.. Lone Stag Cherry Gin truffle – These are very unusual and attractive products. The finish is eye-catching, and the pepper is very cleverly understated, just cutting the sweetness of the filling without in any way dominating


Lone Stag Zesty,  Great Taste Award winner 2016

Blind tasted in its pure form by The Guild of Fine Food assessor who made the following comments:

“Intoxicating mix of aromas. Good acidity and flavour combination – you can taste all the different fruits.  We see this more as a liqueur than palate cleanser. It had almost a home-made appeal.  Sparkly and lively!  Would be good with tonic and a sunny day.”

Lone Stag Spirit Great Taste winner 2017

James Bennington Michelin star chef

“Clear aromas of raspberry and lime on the nose. Warm raspberry and lime on the palate are evocative of summer drinking which can be enjoyed all year round. The zest of the lime is clear and gives a real sense of the oil of the lime not just the acidity.  Flavour was crystal clear. You are able to taste all ingredients, it did not disappoint.  It tasted natural, cared for and hand crafted…quite obviously not mass produced!  A great balance of sweetness and acidity.”

Lone Stag Spirits

Helen Thomas – Chiswick London

“The Lone Stag Spirits are absolutely delicious as anyone who has tried them will testify. The product looks great and tastes even better. I have bought these for myself, my family, my work colleagues and my friends as they are so delicious. The cocktail card that comes with it is great for ideas, but straight up you could drink the whole bottle in one evening!”

Sloane Candles

Helen Ellery – Bristol

“The scent sense is as crucial to the design of a home interior as the sense of sight and touch. Scent adds that evocative, subconscious inspiration. Finding a scent from a candle that sums up your imagination and feeling of home is hard to find but I’ve found it with the SLOANE candles…For me these are the best quality, most exquisitely fragrant candles I’ve ever used… And I’ve used a lot over my years as an interior designer and stylist.  Absolutely delightful.”

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