When I was a small child I remember watching my grandmother making her famous (well famous in our house!) raspberry gin. It was a summer tradition in our family, made religiously every year taking advantage of the bountiful crop of berries at the bottom of the garden. I watched with wide eyes as she carefully mixed the fresh berries with the spirit; the smell of the fruit still evokes this treasured childhood memory. Come Christmas time we had a wonderful stock of handmade delights which I always longed to sample. Of course, back then I wasn’t allowed!

Moving on 25 years or so I continue that beloved family tradition. At first my family were my tasters and and friends my first customers, selling my homemade gin and vodka infusions at school events. It quickly became a firm favourite with my mum-chums who would ask surreptitiously, “got any more of your booze ready yet?”.


A quintessentially British luxury lifestyle brand, thoughtfully created by hand and heart



It was then I realised that this was truly where my heart lay. Sharing my homemade recipes. My grandma’s famous gin. I continue to make Lone Stag Spirits in my kitchen at home. The volumes are considerably higher now but the traditional methods remain.

after the success of my spirits a whole brand emerged. From home and beauty products to exquisite treats and our award winning hampers. I continue to be Inspired by the journey that brought me here, my love of family and home and my appreciation of quintessential British country life.

So, welcome to Sloane Home. A quintessentially British luxury lifestyle brand but above all else, a Welsh family tradition, thoughtfully created by hand and heart.

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Sloane Home Lone Stag

The Lone Stag In Celtic mythology the stag is a sign of good things to come. The stag sign has high ideals and aspirations, not deterred from their vision, they are noble, not that they feel entitled, far from it, they believe in righteous hard work and their integrity is their trademark. The Lone Stag antlers break into branches that form a shape of a heart, the heart of the home, Sloane Home.


Leanne is the founder of Sloane Home. A relentless perfectionist and driving force behind the brand that she has built over the last 5 years.

Meet Kim. Kim keeps the wheels turning at Sloane Home. She is our operations guru, making sure that all of your sumptuous orders are lovingly packaged ensuring all of the finishing touches are just so.